Fiberoptic Handle

Fiberoptic Handle

Fiberoptic Handle

Laryngoscope Fiberoptic Handle of Stenix International crafted in high quality brass & stainless steel.

Bright LED xenon 800+ LX provide clear vision while performing intubation procedures.

Compatible with all fiberoptic blade complys with ISO7376 Standards.

Compliance with ISO13485 & ISO7376 of Laryngoscope system.

Works with two Type C batteries providing 3.0 volts in series.

Stenix International

Stenix International, a Pakistan based company manufacturing and exporting surgical, dental, orthopedic instruments and medical devices with extensive experience in research and development in healthcare departments and hospital supplies.

All Stenix International products are manufactured and comply with ISO 13485 and the CE standard for medical instruments and devices.

For more details & inquires please visit us at: Stenix International

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